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As with all our blog posts so far, the first question Bev and Lora ask each other is, “what are you going to wear?” For the Cornwall Soap Co feature, Bev is excited to pull out her cowboy boots and Lora is off to buy a cowboy hat just for the occasion. Not exactly sure why cowgirl wear and soap making go hand in hand, but we were both on the same page. In hindsight, it may have had something to do with the address of the workshop being on Rattlesnake Road.

We arrived at the Cornwall Soap Co. headquarters in West Cornwall and were greeted by Tommy Juliano, the mastermind of soap…and beard oil, and mustache wax and leather oil. Tommy has a very distinctive look, kind of a retro/civil war era vibe. Next, we met Briana, Tommy’s wife and co-pilot of the operation, and lastly, their two daughters, the cutest of cute.

Tommy got right to the grand tour of their small, but extremely efficient workshop; essential oil distillation equipment, neat rows of soaps curing on stainless steel racks, stove top and fridge, pouring table, merchandise department, oh and skulls and a moose head.

Back up to the merchandise, shall we? Yes, if you get hooked on Cornwall Soap’s line of products (which we reckon you will), you can buy the poster and T-shirt too. Designed by freelance artist David Paul Seymour, who Tommy “met” in Instagram-land, he admired his work and found his style to express perfectly, the aesthetic of Cornwall Soap. A collaboration was born!

Tommy and Briana started experimenting with making their own essential oils out of foraged materials from their back yard, looking to make some products for self-use that would be as natural and environmentally friendly as possible. Beard oil was the first creation, born from Tommy’s own need to tame his beard, keeping it conditioned and groomed. The oil was a hit amongst his bearded friends, word spread and a small production, and their LLC began. Then came mustache wax. Then came soap. We love Cornwall Soaps’ no nonsense approach to the small batch, artisan soap they produce. Essential oils are added for their healing purposes more than scent. No dyes are used and the cold process technique used to make the soap results in a solid bar, which lasts and CLEANS. No chichi soap here.

Tommy and Briana do it all; Tommy brews up a batch of soap, pouring it into individual moulds, Briana smoothing and scraping as he goes. Soaps are hand stamped, cured, packaged and shipped all from their “micro” workshop. A labor of love and commitment to producing something they are both proud of. Tommy and Briana have strong beliefs in treading lightly on the earth, living life as naturally as possible and caring deeply about sustainability. If homesteading is the dream, they are living it.

Cornwall Soap Co products can be bought at these retailers and online

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