B. Johnstone & Co.

Hello, our names are Lora and Bev and we are clothes-aholics.

Actually no, that sounds like it’s a problem, which it most definitely is not. We just have a healthy love for fashion and pretty things. There’s nothing wrong with that…right?

Admittedly Litchfield County doesn’t have a huge amount of clothing stores (though we are determined to track down every single great retail outlet for our readers. You are so very welcome.), but it does have some absolute gems such as B. Johnstone & Co. in Kent.

B. Johnstone has it all going on. It’s got that eclectic mixture of new and vintage, high end designer labels, and new “you heard it here first” clothing lines. All of which are presented in such a way, that the shopper feels like they “found” the perfect dress/pants/skirt, what-have-you.  Such a treasure trove! Truth is, the amazing selection was put there for you to discover by the owner of the store, Bartley Johnstone.

Bartley opened her store in 1997 at the young age of 28. Although women’s clothing is the emphasis of the store, she also carries men’s and baby clothing, accessories and a diverse range of home furnishings. Bartley has a fashion and design background that makes us slightly green with envy. Before opening her store she was a designer of three lines of Private Label women’s sportswear, based in New York City, carried in stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and more. She also attended Parsons School of Design where she received a BFA in Fashion Design.

We have found our fashion soul sister in Bartley!

We decided to put Bartley’s skills to the test, by challenging her to style us for a bloggy fashion shoot. Bartley had already done a little research by checking out our clothing sense through our various social media pages. She had Lora pegged for the “dressier one” and Bev down for the more “casual, sportier one”, right on Bartley, right on.  As she does for her customers who request it, she helped us pick out outfits that would be within our own style, but with just that little push out of our comfort zone.

Bartley walked around the store with such ease, picking up this piece and that piece, finding the perfect earrings, accessories and shoes to go with each outfit. It was really pretty remarkable. At one point, while dressing Lora in the most amazing Abe Schrader, deep red suede dress, she remembered a bag that would go perfectly with the ensemble, packed in the basement, and off she went on the hunt for it. She will go to any length to get that perfect look. We absolutely loved what she came up with. What do you think? 


 Lora is wearing a vintage Abe Schrader dress and Bravo Java shoes


Bev is wearing a Chloe Jacket, LA Made jogger pants and shirt and Jil Sander vintage t-strap shoes


                   Vintage Sportmax jacket by Max Mara, Lanvin skirt, LA Made tank and Louboutin shoes


   Nicole Farhi dress and Prada shoes (they are on Bev’s feet, promise)

Oh how we could have played dress up all day, and Bartley, Patrice and Liz (Bartley’s right hand women) would have been more than willing to go on, but sadly hunger got the better of us. Funny how we can “almost” forget to eat when we are in shopping mode.

B. Johnstone, we’ll be back to select our outfits when we get invited to the Blog Awards 😉

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B. Johnstone & Co. 

Address : 4 N. Main Street, Kent, CT 06757

Phone: 860-927-1272

Hours: Mon 10-5, Wed-Sat 10-5, Sun 11-5pm

Makeup by Andrena Gerace. Hair blowouts by the fab ladies at David Gavin Salon, Kent.

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Lora is an accomplished celebrity, events, and portrait photographer. Check out her work at www.lorawarnick.com. She thinks laughter and a positive attitude is the key to happiness and success, and she has a great eye for taking fabulous photos.

Beverley Canepari
Beverley brings a diverse background in the arts, leisure, and fitness. She loves discovering new places, things, and ideas so she’s always ready to take on the challenge of trying new experiences on behalf of our readers, while supporting great local businesses at the same time.

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