Mighty Minis

In a world where bigness reigns, thirty contemporary artists come together to reflect and respond to working small. For centuries, artists have crafted at a pint-size scale to depict and communicate cherished, esteemed, and intimate subjects. The contemporary miniature can be seen as an approach to art making that marries craft and concept with gemlike details of tiny treasures. In our fast-paced world small works often require giving time for reflection and thought, the reward being an element of surprise.

There are many reasons for an artist to favor working small. Often artists cannot afford studios outside their apartments, or prefer to work at home where one has only so much room to make work. Also, few collectors can accommodate giant sized work. Small scale works can risk taking on a sense of sentiment and nostalgia. This exhibit differs in that it’s focus is on the process of “making” and of “painting”, exploring work that is two and three dimensional, traditional and modern, between craft and concept, local and international, and between content and form. The artists exhibiting are;

Nancy Baker, NY
Caroline Blum, NY
Susan Breen, CT
Andy Cunningham,CA
Kevin Daly, CT
Ellen Hackl Fagan, CT
Judith Farr, SPAIN
Kathy Goodall, NY
Elizabeth Gourlay, CT
Bob Gregson, CT
Richard Griggs, CT
Julie Gross, NY
Debbie Hesse, CT
Jeffrey Cortland Jones, OH
Zach Keating, CT ( pending)
Susan Knight, NE
Bonny Leibowitz, TX
Barbara Marks, CT
ML McCorkle, GA
Irene Miller, CT
Juan Alberto Negroni, TX
Paula Overbay, NY
Heidi Pollard, NM
Karen Schifano, NY
Susan Scott, CT
Belle Shafir,ISRAEL
Dee Shapiro, NY
Suzan Shutan, CT
Andrew Small, PA
Jill Vasileff, CA




Curated by Suzan Shutan
Contact Galerie Souterrain
Meet and great the artists
Public Reception Saturday July 15, 2017, 3:00-5:00 pm
413 Sharon- Goshen Turnpike, West Cornwall, CT

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