The Great Outdoors

There are myriad ways to enjoy the beautiful landscapes around  NorthWest Connecticut. State Parks, rail trails and the famous Appalachian trail runs through the heart of our region. Boating, hunting, fishing and many other outdoor activities are possible through professional outfitters. Biking is a favorite activity throughout the region, with challenging hills, quiet roads, and unbelievable winding roads. Want to go for an amazingly inspiring run? We can point you to the right places for a safe and enjoyable run.  Winter activities are available, including skiing – both cross country and downhill.

No matter what you want to do outside – the NW corner of Connecticut is hands down, the best place to do it!!

Go Outside
Arts and Culture

There is art and culture in every form to be found in the NW Corner of Connecticut. Love landscapes painting, sculpture, pottery bowls or poetry readings? We have it all. We have dance, theater, gallery openings, farm-to-table events, fundraisers and school and community events.

Whether you want gala and glitz to hometown and holistic…we have all you could ever desire as far as arts and culture, with no line to stand in, no traffic to get there and free parking. Who’s in??

Get Cultured
Art and Culture
Farm and Food

There are more farms and farmstands and access to agriculture here than almost anywhere! The NW Corner of Connecticut has many working farms that LOVE visitors – from dairy, beef, vegetables, Christmas tree farms – if you want to see something growing (and get to eat it!!) this is the place for you.

Farm to Fork is not just a concept here – we live it…and you can too.

Eat Local
Vineyards and Breweries

While you may not find the words, “vineyard”, “brewery”, and “Connecticut”, synonymous, the rich, fertile soul of NWCT allows for some of the finest growing grapes and hops available! Connecticut boasts vineyards offering a long family history and a focus on patiently handcrafting each wine. Up and coming hop farms and breweries are a new addition to the area and are proving to be a success. Stop by one of the vineyards for a wine tasting, or volunteer to help out at brewery and learn the craft beer brewing process from start to finish!

Indulge Your Senses